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New Thrive! Park
Open for Public Hiking and Walking

Leave no trace. Please take out what you bring in. Thrive! Park of the Village of Nelson and donated by Gary “Chris” Christopherson.

Thrive! Park is east of Highway 35 in Nelson (WI). Take Cleveland St. toward bluffs. As you enter woods, turn left on Christopherson Road. There is a parking lot on right to park. Park entrance and road/trail markings are just left of parking lot. As shown on map, Park consists of hiking roads (dash-dotted lines) going along bluff side and back through valley. Also, there are several hiking trails (dotted lines) that go to restored bluff and prairie areas and can be accessed off the main hiking roads. Two loop trail sets, including Eagle Trail, can be accessed off main hiking roads.

Main parking area (Christopherson Road / Cleveland Street) to Sisters and Lost Brother Bluffs via a) front trail via Knob View Road or Bluff Road or b) rear trail via Valley Road. Elevation change – About 425’. Distance – About half mile with elevation. Thrive! Park is a public park. No hunting or trapping since this is a park and wildlife safety area. No fires. No vehicles (motorized or non-motorized) except for handicapped access. Please take out what you bring in. Please don’t trespass on neighbors’ private land. Responding to visitors’ questions, Thrive! Center (home to GChris Sculpture & Thrive! Endeavor) is just outside Park’s west edge.

To visit, best to contact Chris first at or 301.318.3760. More at and

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